Mining Careers

Ever Considered a Mining Career?

Ever considered a Mining Career or the Mining Industry in general for your chosen field of employment?  Despite the sometimes negative press from those who may have alternative agenda’s mining remains a critical aspect of life on this world and a Mining Career can be one of the more rewarding and also challenging career options.

Do you own a car? Have a computer? Wear jewelry? Use water from the tap? Use electricity to run your lights, heat your water, power your home? Do you work in an office high rise made of concrete and steel?  All these and much more used in your everyday life are made of or  in the production or transport of them use products that have been mined from the earth.

If it hasn’t been grown then odds are it’s been mined and Mining Professionals are likely to have been involved in that process.

Mining professionals are employed throughout the world and can be found in a wide range of occupations involved in the delineation, extraction and refinement of materials from surface and underground resources.

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Small Scale Open-cut Operation
Small Scale Open-cut Operation

Mining Professionals

Mining Professionals involved in the mining industry include but are not limited to career paths such as Exploration Geologists, Mining Geologists, Mining Engineers, Geotechnical Engineers, Hydrologists, Surveyors, Extractive Metallurgists and wide range of other professionals in business management and support functions.

Other Mining Employment Opportunities

Apart from the professional mining careers, mining also offers substantial opportunities for other employees in non less important roles operational roles. A number of these positions, while not necessarily requiring formal tertiary training, require skills that can have just as significant, if not more so, impact on the safety, performance and economic viability of any mining operation.

For both surface mining and underground mining operations these roles include mining operators for mining equipment, drilling and blast personnel in some cases,  mining technicians, maintenance personnel and wide range of roles in the processing side of the industry.

The nature of the individual industry dictates the extent of involvement from each of these areas with, for some mining operations, the physical mining activity being the simpler aspect of the process.