Performance Handbooks

Mining Equipment Performance Handbooks

The various Mining Equipment suppliers publish equipment performance handbooks containing details on equipment specifications and performance criteria on a regular basis.


Many sections of the Handbooks include tables or curves showing cycle times or hourly production figures for the Original Equipment Manufacturer’s equipment under certain conditions.  Statements of conditions always accompany or precede the curves or tables.  Before using any performance information in any Handbook, a complete understanding of the qualifying conditions is essential.

In general the data contained in the various Performance And Specifications Handbooks are based on field testing, computer analysis, laboratory research and experience including field trials and testing. However, the published data is usually based upon 100% efficiency in operation — a status which cannot be achieved continuously even under ideal conditions.  When using the performance and production data in the various Performance Handbooks correction factor must be applied to the results indicated in the handbook tables.

The factors should allow for the material characteristics, altitude, anticipated actual job efficiency, operator efficiency, haul road conditions and other relevant local factors that may reduce performance or production on a particular job.

Specifications shown in the Handbook were current at time of publishing but as most Equipment Manufacturers have active equipment improvement programs, specifications and materials may change without notice. For current specifications relating to a particular machine’s performance always check with a local representative or distributor to confirm the currency and accuracy of the details in the Performance Handbook.


Usually you can find these handbooks on the various suppliers websites or source them from area reps.

The following links are to various Caterpillar Performance Handbooks

Caterpillar Performance Handbook Edition 41


Caterpillar Performance Handbook Edition 42


2015 Caterpillar Performance Handbook Edition 45

2016 Caterpillar Performance Handbook Edition 46


Links for the Komatsu Mining Equipment Performance Handbooks, being Specifications & Application Handbooks Edition 30 released in December 2009 and Edition 31 released in April 2013.

2009 Komatsu Specifications & Application Handbook Edition 30


2013 Komatsu Specifications and Application Handbook Edition31


When used with good judgment, the Performance Handbooks provide reasonably accurate estimates. Included in the Owning and Operating Section are guidelines, based on working conditions, to assist in estimating consumption of fuel and lubricants, tire life and repair costs for the various items of equipment. However, what one Handbook user regards as “excellent” conditions, another may consider “severe” or “average”, depending on their own experience and basis of comparison. Therefore, any guidelines should be considered only as approximations.

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  1. First of all thanks for this website, I’ll like to know if you have a performance book for VOLVO, and where can I get a copy, thanks again.

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  2. Hello, thanks for the above information first of all. May I ask where I can get Liebherr’s product performance handbook or where I can get the copy? thank you for your help!

  3. As far as I am aware Liebherr do not have a Handbook any more. Just individual pamphlets on equipment and some other bits and pieces.
    I have a hardcopy from 1992 (that old!!) and when I checked with the local manager some time ago for an update he couldn’t help with either a soft or hard copy version.

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    Your website is nice. May i ask how to get the performance handbook for Sandvik mobile crusher. Thank you.

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  5. Hello, Can I get Sanvik & Atlas copco underground equipment performance handbooks please.


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